A Bit of Tidying Up & Updating

I’ve done some tidying up and rearranging of a few things around the site, specifically:\n\n


  1. Fairly Legal has been moved to underneath TV Main Cast / Reccurring. It had its special place for a long time, but it needed to move. I miss Ben Grogan. Sniff!

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  3. At first, I thought Love Child was going to be a miniseries, but it turns out to be a regular show with a second series. Sadly, Ryan wasn’t in the second series.

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  5. I added the 2015 dates to One Step Closer to Home, which means it appears further up in the menu.

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  7. I’ve finally added Ryan Johnson’s more recent work in the form of placeholder pages, including House Husbands and Hiding.

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I believe I’ve fixed all existing links so they will forward to the new locations, but if you notice any broken links, please let me know.