ryan-and-tamara-at-AACTARyan grew up in Brisbane, and has worked in both Australia and the US. We hope he’ll be able to come back to US television soon.\n\nRyan’s married to writer Tamara Asmar.\n\n

\n\nMe? I’m Deirdre. If you want to contact me, like if there’s something I did well, missed, whatever, here’s the contact form. Note that this goes to me, not to Ryan. I’m just another fan who worked on this site in my spare time.\n\nI’m always interested in high-quality images for the site.\n\n

Special Thanks

\n\nThanks to, in alphabetical order: Ashley, Cait, Jacque, Liz, Marianna, Sarah, Simone, and Tracey. Many of the video links I’ve put here, and thus their screen caps, were the direct result of Liz’s excellent research skills, and I couldn’t have done it without her. I miss the days of live-tweeting new Fairly Legal episodes with our merry bunch, but I hope we’ll have the Next Big Thing some day soon.\n\nAlso, obviously, many thanks to Ryan for being not only an actor we love to watch, but also a nice person. And thanks to Tamara for putting up with the lot of us.\n\n

Some of Ryan’s Instagram Pictures


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Contact Deirdre

\n\nIf you see inaccuracies, have some pictures or news for me, feel free to let me know!\n\n