ben-leaningThis is a fan site for Ryan Johnson, whose current Twitter profile says: “I act!: #FAIRLYLEGAL #LOVECHILD #INXS – coming to #HOUSEHUSBANDS #CARLOTTA I write!: onestepclosertohome.tv (season 2 coming!!)”\n\nLate last year, it said: “This year I married a drag queen, managed INXS & went back to 1969. All that stuff was on TV. In life I loved my wife, aeropress and spotify—in that order.”\n\nPreviously: “Done heaps of stuff on the TV, Fairly Legal, but most people ask me if I’m ‘that guy on the Cadbury Ad.'”\n\nFor the latest info on what he’s up to, see the News page. You can also follow Ryan on Twitter (though the News page also includes his recent tweets that are not retweets or replies). Ryan’s IMDb and Instagram links are also at the top of every page.