The Guy Who Killed Paris Hilton (2012)

Ryan is one of the artists featured in this documentary, though I haven’t found out much about it. Sydney Morning Herald description:\r\n\r\n

Filmed and recorded over two days in a working artist studio The Guy Who Killed Paris Hilton is both an art film and a film about art. It is an event and is neither documentary nor reality but a mixture of both. We invited a mixture of artists, musicians and performers to the studio to explore the definitions of art and its processes in an environment where artworks were being created. The result is a rich conversation that wrestles with defining art, narrowing the search but never quite reaching a single destination, providing answers that evoke more questions and leaving the viewer to create their own opinions and discussions.

\r\n\r\nFor viewers worldwide, the trailer is available on IMDB.\r\n\r\nFor Australians (and perhaps some other locations), you can watch the video at the link here.