Out of the Blue (2008)

There were 130 episodes of this Australian show, and Ryan appeared in 69 of them.\n\nA brief overview of his character on the show from the soapshow.com:\n\n

Stavva is the lovable joker of the group. At school he was the one with the whoopee cushion and the cheeky grin, and got away with it most times because his intentions were always good.\n\nIn Year 7, Stavva came to realise that his Italian heritage and unusual European-influenced packed lunches stood him apart from the rest of the kids – something he immediately embraced. He stopped using his real name, Ian, and adopted his mum’s much sexier maiden name, Stavva. He developed a real passion for food and women and nothing much has changed since he left school.\n\nCompletely genuine and cheerful, Stavva has also morphed into a true “Italian stallion” by nurturing a love for hotted-up cars, driving a souped-up Monaro known as the Stavva-mobile. Although he loves to pursue girls, he doesn’t seem to get them as often as he’d like and, in fact, he secretly harbours a desire to just find “the one” and settle down.

\n\nHere’s a set of Ryan’s clips from the show:\n\n\n\nWhen asked where it was filmed, Ryan replied, “It was filmed in a warehouse next to the Macquarie Park Shopping Centre!”.