A Bit of Tidying Up & Updating

I’ve done some tidying up and rearranging of a few things around the site, specifically:\n\n \n Fairly Legal has been moved to underneath TV Main Cast / Reccurring. It had its special place for a long time, but it needed to move. I miss Ben Grogan. Sniff! \n At first, …

Ryan’s Recent Work

This article about the success of recent Australian TV miniseries gives positive commentary of all of Ryan’s post-Fairly Legal work: M is for Murder, Carlotta, Never Tear Us Apart, and Love Child.\r\n\r\n The chief executive of Screen Australia, Ruth Harley, said the country had what was likely the strongest ever …

Fairly Legal Season 2 DVD Update

Target’s exclusive on this DVD set expired in June and it’s now available at all the usual places, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Barnes and Noble. Still no word if there will be a BluRay version, though.

Fairly Legal Season 2 Now on DVD

Fairly Legal, Season 2 is now out on DVD. It’s a Target exclusive, available online, not in stores. You can order at target.com.\r\n\r\nUnlike the online episodes you can get from iTunes, Amazon, et al, the DVD includes deleted scenes and a gag reel.