A Bit of Tidying Up & Updating

I’ve done some tidying up and rearranging of a few things around the site, specifically:\n\n \n Fairly Legal has been moved to underneath TV Main Cast / Reccurring. It had its special place for a long time, but it needed to move. I miss Ben Grogan. Sniff! \n At first, …

Carlotta Interview

Features brief bits of Ryan, though no interview with him. Enjoy!\n\n\n\nAirs on June 19th in Australia…are you ready?

Carlotta Air Date (Australia)

Just announced!\n\nCarlotta’s air date will be June 19th.\n\nProducer Lara Radulovich says about Ryan’s performance, “You are going to melt hearts all over Australia.”\n\nI. Can’t. Wait.\n\n\n\n

Love Child DVD Out This Week

For those of you who’ve been waiting for more of Ryan’s new work to become available outside Australia, I have some great news for you.\n\nThe season 1 DVD will be out in Australia this week. For those of us who buy DVDs via US Amazon (or other sources), it will …

More One Step Closer to Home Episodes Coming!

Ryan’s announced that they’re working on more One Step Closer To Home episodes right now. I don’t know when that translates to as far as release date, but the best part is that this is a web series, so it’ll be available worldwide.\n\nIf you haven’t seen the web episodes, they’re …