Never Tear Us Apart Pics

I missed it the first time because it wasn’t tagged with his name, but Shine Australia, the production company for Never Tear Us Apart, posted this pic of Ryan:\n\nd12d8f68916f11e3a36f129657a7eedf_8\n\nEnjoy!\n\n

And Now for Some Unofficial Pics

\n\nActor/role chart, posted last June.\n\nBMjJkDCCMAA5Hf1.jpg-large\n\n“Today I have a mullet fitting. These are the things actors dream of.” Still makes me laugh.\n\nLast July, Ryan posted this mullet pic to Twitter:\n\nBPFe70SCYAE2cOC.jpg-large\n\nAnd another pic Ryan posted to Twitter in August:\n\nBRCO-G0CQAEtlva.jpg-large\n\n“Yes, that’s me looking Lethal Weapon 1.”\n\nBPaDbHRCYAAFlnu.jpg-large\n\nAnd last, but not least, “I’ll be the guy with the mullet tonight.”\n\nBgA6LB2CAAAGYf9