Welcome to deirdre.dev

iOS and Apple technologies developer (iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS, etc.) Previously a Senior Software Engineer on Apple's Safari team.

Wrestling With Publish

I've been working on converting this site from Jekyll to Publish, and here's a few cool sites I've found so far.

The SwiftUIJam Experience

Went to my first SwiftUI jam, here's what happened.

The Swift Blog Problem

It's easy to find beginner answers to Swift questions. Where are the next-level blogs?

Penrose Tiling in Swift

Penrose Tiling in Swift, command-line edition

Unsupported KVC in Keypath

I ran into a cryptic error with only two ten-year-old hits on Google. Here's why.

Migrating to Jekyll

This site had a 2020 in migrating from WordPress (php-based dynamic site) to Jekyll (ruby-based static site generator). Let me tell you all about it.